Monday, 19 December 2011

I did it....

Ouch, my Heart was heavy, as I went upstairs at Henleigh Hall, to find my mate Karen. Who I will be forever grateful to for bending a few rules to ensure my lovely Mum stayed in Henleigh, for the last 18months of her life, Receiving the very best of care. And most importantly for me, was the fact that I could Cycle there. We swapped pressies today, and I moved onto Millhouses Park, where I met the Gorgeous Miriam :)

I always get sad at Chrimbo, I'm a right Barrrr Humbug!! This year, could be worst? But providing Pete and the kids are happy on Xmas day, I will be ok. I've ordered a Take Out Xmas Dinner!!! from the Spit, bargain price, so I'm picking up at 3.

I loved cycling to the park today sooo much, can you tell :) I do feel so much better, happier, unfit. (it took me nearly an hour to get home!!) I'm meeting one of my sons buds Mums tomorrow, (i think she only knows what she's heard from other Mums) I just hope she's spoken to the right ones!!!

I will think of you DH!!! and just keep thinking of the good things you are going to do next year, with your daughters. And how things will surely get easier. xx


  1. So was it Christmas when you got that worst present of all (well more an absent than a present?) My problem kicked in one week before my birthday and wnt really sour in january.

    Just broaching the idea to the girls that I find having a wardrobe full of the nice clothes thay had - and packs of unused cotton sports shirts that their mother stocked up hanging around along with piles of toys is a bit of a depressing sight. Would they consider giving the unsude and apparently unwanted/outgrown items to some other less fortunate kids? At present that looks negative though.

  2. No, it was a Summer month. It's just that this will be the first Xmas without my lovely Mum. And Henleigh Hall, was where she was living.

    I would suggest giving the toys away to a Childrens Hosp, or s'thing. So you get a bit of pleasure knowing that a child will enjoy them somewhere? What about The Family Court House? where a lot of Mums and Dads will have to visit, unfortunately. But believe me, it's not that easy. They're so funny about cuddly toys, it's impossible honest. But that really is negative, I think you could take everything to a charity shop? But I think it's healthy that you are thinking about it :)x