Sunday, 11 December 2011

I'm here....p* but ok :)

I suppose the reason why I've been so quiet? I'm not doing much riding :( and I'm ashamed of myself for that. I know I'd feel stacks better, if I just got off my ass and did it!!!

Friday, had been really intense in the daY. dELIVERING iNTERVIEWS FOR birrp in the day. And did anyone else think it was absolutely freezing or is it that I don't usually go out at night? Instead of getting my Glad Rags on, I showered and put on my Passion Killer 'Long Janes' and thermal vest!! (which was visable through my dress) and then felt 'dowdy' and plain next to all the toung Social Workers. I felt like a Service User' as I shivered. Although everyone there just so went out of their way, to get me pissed and make me be outrageous!!!

Pete was beautiful, he came to meet the car, just to make sure I wasn't totally off myu face. I reckon I could ave -pulled with this guy who chose to sit next to me. But the table wenmt silent as he asked me which Department I worked in. :D 'Urrrrm I'm a recipient of the SDS budget was my reply. Much to everyuones amusement, but Hey What else can I say? Maybe next time, but he didn't blow my socks off, and thast is what I want. Am I just revealing too much?

So Saturday, was spent with a sore head!! and today, I Cycled an insy bit to the bus stop.

B* you know last week, I spent hours at the Post Office, getting stuff sent and photiocopied? Well they didnt receive official documents, so i've got to do it again. But I've also got to go and do some more Interviews for BIRRP on Mon, Tues, Weds.

I'm meant to be meeting the beautiful Miriam for lunch tomorrow.

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