Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saturday :(

I didn't sleep too well, revisiting the conversations from earlier in the evening. I'm trying my best not to cry all the time, mostly because of the time of year, and everyone becoming 'Coupley' and lovey dovey. My friend made me cry this morning, I aint seen her really for a year, she's one of the school Mums, I used to speak to, at the bottom of the drive. I'd sent a txt in the night, saying how I felt Bullied, for being a 'Weirdo' and trying to be independent. Anyway a couple of the Mums phoned, and why is it when folk are being really nice, I cry more!!!

Thanks Dave, she was absolutely bonkers, that woman!!!


  1. She's not the only one that's been filmed mouthing off as that clip brought a whole load more out of the woodwork.

    Well think of me when you sniff at the lovey dovey stuff, in 3 years since that incident, and arrest (of my wife), I've had no acknowledgement of my birthday or Christmas from my kids (aside from asking where their presents were). Residential access is blocked, and last weekend I didn't even get the scheduled 8 hours. There are many dads out there getting a really bad deal, and I've been lucky in some ways, as I've been able to 'borrow' a normal family home rather than trek around cafe's and parks with the kids.

    I think it is wonderful that your bad mouth 'barber' was as daft as tram-girl in ranting off about her prejudice to her customers who then reported back to you, don't get upset. Play the long game and you can always respond to any future verbal assault, by asking if she might care to add to the comments being made with those she has chosen to make behind your back - after all if someone wants to say something bad they had better say it to my face - rather cowardly to not do so.

    When folk start ranting it is often worth just settling back and watching them burn. Nothing as warming as a good fire at this time of year.

    Wishing you a cuddle for Christmas

  2. Awww thanks Dave and sending you loads back. Thank you for sticking through my depresing talk.