Monday, 12 December 2011

Sober as a Judge :)

I apologise for being offensive, in previous Posts!! I just become, (get worst) a woman with a sewer mouth, at times!

Mmmm I went for the most beautiful lunch today, (i must be getting old if the most exciting thing to talk about is what I had for lunch!!) with the lovely Miriam, ooooh we talked about a lot and how I should maybe be thinking about some Confidence Classes!!! Ha!!! not getting them, giving them, next year at Zest, maybe. Wow!!I don't know that I could do that I can maybe help folk to feel more positive, about themselves.

I bumped into Angela Lant, who is just great, and used to teach my kids, she was the Headmistress, at Totley Primary.

I lead the following interview, with Jay, an Occupational Therapist by my side. I think it went well, but I can't really imagine the lady I saw as getting excited, or feeling happy about owt? It's such a strange thing isn't it? It's soooo true no 2 brain injuries are ever the same. She dressed like I do on a cold evening, all neck to toe in thick clothes with thermals peeking out the bottom off her trousers, with a purposeful overhang on her snug fur lined booties. (I secretly saw me!!! in 10 years) Ok, Ok, Me last week. And vowed and declared not to let it happen again!!! Which reminds me a bit I'm out again on Wednesday, with the Guys from Hillsborough.

Good News!! I've ordered a new Birth Certificate, with a promise that it will be sent to me within 14 days :) So thats me sorted The Olympic Torch. And the Director of Sustrans, (not sure which one) when he learnt of me doing the Torch thingy, wanted to talk with me apparently about Sponsorship?

I'm back at BIRRP again tomorrow, for my Monthly :)I'll probably have my period as well :D I have no shame.


  1. When you talk to the Director of Sustrans, have a word about the barriers eh? And their habit of skirting town centers so you can't find a cafe. or taking me round in circles when I ma trying to do touring..And.. and.. oh never mind.

    Huge congratulations on getting the Torch, will you be cycling your leg?


  2. Oh you missed the PISSED and other expletive then, in their 12 hours of glory/exposure? :D I'm far too sensible, and had to remove them, w3hen I'd sobered up.