Saturday, 17 December 2011

I'm soooo boring.... but content

I do feel very lethargic, cold and bored. And I'm really ready for Xmas. I can't wait, till January to be honest! Although I feel happier than usual, at least I've managed to get some nice pressies for folk.

For the past 3 years, my ex English Teacher, Mr Phil Walworth, who I loved. Has sent me an Xmas card, but NEVER has it had any contact details? I would love to find him, just so he could see how far I'd come since the Divorce, when I was a totally different person.

I think that will become my new mission.

And I have just been 'chatting' to Greame Willgress, who uses a SAD lamp in winter, with positive effects.

Remember my old Friday nights? when I used to invite people to mine for a drink and nibbles, it happened on Thursday, (enough said!) well I think that's happening this week. But life is not really very good and healthy at the moment.


  1. With pictures too. I know the feeling though - just lining up how to do a decent Christmas Eve access visit - early start and earlier back so they can get ready for carol concert which I'll not be able to take them to. (last year I did get to see them singing and collect them from the church - seems a bit hypocritical doing things with church yet having this regime delivered to their dad, albeit probably influenced by their mum).

    Passing by on 23rd overnight but doubt if a breakfast coffee stop at 07.00 would go down well in your household....

  2. 7am on the 23rd would be lovely. But not if you mean the 24th at 7? I'm having a boooioooozy night on the 23rd, so not a good time

  3. I did try to venture out today...Didn't even make it to the shed before I went t* up, and ended up beetling, on the sheet ice. I did NOT smile, so don't you!! ok, just a little one then. x

  4. I meant 24th! So you'll not see me until next year i guess. Careful not to misbehave anyone - yourself included.