Saturday, 24 December 2011

Fantastic Night!!1

Last night, The Eve, of the Eve of Christmas.

Not cheap (eeeek) but it's Xmas, and in theory I could have used my SDS money, to treat many neighbours and friends. But..... I didn't really I (with my own) was just paying for me and 4 children, to party 5-11. And I happened to stumble, not literally (for a change)on the Disco at the Spit!!!I'd arranged to meet Pete, Julie Andrews, Sylv and Matt (new characters)

Boom, Boom the disco began...and we boogied all night, the best bit of it was getting some people from Leonard Cheshire Homes on the Dance Floor. We had a great time!! My son commented on how I'd made their night, well let me say they truly made mine, and Julies. Who walked with me home, whilst my little boy and his mate took Ziggy. Hopefully I have made contact with the home now, because I think they would really benefit from Hillsborough Cycling 4 All.

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  1. Not really that surprising that you've never pedalled up to see the Cheshire Home just along from the Spitfire. You'll be needing to specify electric assist and it isn't so easy to fit on a tadpole like wot Ziggy is. But then if you get a reverse tadpole the two trikes would then mate perfic in your shed, because each would be 'fat' where the other is 'fin'.

    Reminds me to tell you about 2 lady friends who were equally good matches - same heights and weights but one was positively 'pneumatic' whilst the other 'assets' was very much an appropriate term for the feature for which she was well endowed.

    I'll tell more of my day later - I did get the opportunity to see them singing on Christmas Eve in a nice seervice with a load of naked lit candles in thehands of the (young) congregation (living dangerously there!)