Sunday, 16 January 2011

Yesterday, Saturday

West Country Recumbent, and this blog work fantastically well!! well not just WCR, all cyclists who follow my life 'with a bent'. But as soon as I said I needed my frame no...??? I mean they were asking me!! at the insurance company, they think because I ride a trike valued so highly, I'm some sort of expert....urm definitely not. Anyway emails exchanged and the lovely Carol, from WCR provided me with the number of my frame :)

Ooooooooooooh!!!! I can't believe I 4got to mention, I've been invited to Buckingham Palace Garden Party!!! I've got a choice of about 3 dates in June and July. Hey, will I become a Lady then??? :D


  1. You get a CHOICE?!
    Well aren't you moving in high circles... Next it'll be "When I was chatting with Liz2..."!!!
    I'd expect just to be told when to turn up! Not that *I'd* expect to be told...

  2. Oh BTW, don't forget to ask where the Palace cycle racks are!

  3. It's a hell of a ride from Sheffield. Just keep going South; you'll be ok :0)

  4. Take the trike! Take the trike!


  5. lady of leisure - definition of lady of leisure by the Free Online ... Freedom from time-consuming duties, responsibilities, or activities. Idiom:

    Yep sounds like Me Pete!!.......sometimes

  6. So who do you plan to take as your escort?

    A couple I know got invited to one in Holyrood, and cycled - straight past the queues of traffic and complimented on their choice by the stewards, they got a preferential parking space and a really secure place to park. Amusing really as he has a republican streak and refers to HM as Mrs Mountbatten.

    Given the amount of walking to get in to the gardens it might be sensible to take Ziggy as your equivalent of a mobility scooter.

    Biggest thing is that you get to meet a whole pile of interesting people doing good things around the UK, make the most of that one.