Friday, 16 October 2009

10.00 After a busy morning getting my two children off to school, the taxi picked me up to take me to the Head Injury Rehab Centre, where I have been involved in some research for two years, and how grateful I am sometimes that the folk there perhaps understand me a little more than most.

14.00 Set off to get my daughter, who'd got an appointment at the gp's, and the teacher and she forgot!!!! which meant I had to go up the school drive to get her. Fortunately, a new 'pusherupthehill' :) offered.

15.30 A mum was concerned that I wasn't there for my son, so he has had tea with a mate.

Hey, and do you know, I have this black pair of trousers that a couple of months ago I couldn't get on. And now? They fall down! (With a bit of help!!!) :D

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