Monday, 26 October 2009

Yesterday, just went eeeeeeeammmmm!!!.............and I kind of missed it. What a waste ey? I just slept all day.

Today, I wasn't going to be like that, I was going to be a bit more pro active, because I like being pro active.

I had an appointment with Andy, my lovely physio. Who indeed has worked wonders on my 'achilles tendonitus' .Please contact me, on, if you want his details. What a positive guy he is, I love spending time there even though it's a bit sore. 'No pain no gain' as the saying goes.

Went to the library for a bit of constitutional.

I did cycle to the physio and library, and coop. But it's just normal behaviour now. I do it without thinking. Once I've got over this chest thing, which I can still feel rutling, in the morning, I will move the goal posts and try and go further.

My big bruv is having my children to sleep o'er tonight, and taking them on a mammoth bike ride tomorrow. I was really proud, because they were excited about it, and surprisingly they are well equipped in cycling equipment and knowledge.

I'm also thinking.......about coming off my anti convulsants. I ain't had a fit for two and a half years. And well I feel good. I'll talk about it with my gp :)

I wish I'd planned s'thing for tonight :(

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