Friday, 30 October 2009

10:30 am, I'm sooo excited, I have just found on the internet..(this is bizarre, geeky and a tad worrying!!!) I have just found, and ordered my very own.........tricycle pendant!! It's so funny :D

14:30 Children know how to hurt :( My daughter didn't want to go to 'Easy Tigers' wi me today, because I couldn't chase after her, like Daddy did. I took my wee boy and a mate instead and they had great fun.

16:00 I was a wuss and cycled about 25 yards and back, just so I could say I'd been for a ride. But I don't feel safe to be honest. I can't wait till school starts, and Gretel becomes part of my routine again.

18:30 I'm having a bit of a party night in a bit. So must go and put some slap on my face :) xx

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