Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wow!! This is a deep and heavy one, it's kinda snuck up on me, and wam bam stripped me to the bare bones. It's my son's 7th b'day today, and I must admit the past 3 years have been difficult, because I've always made a big point of searching out a male 'friend' for us all to spend the day with. This invariably has led to disappointment on my side.

This year was gonna be different, I haven't searched anyone out. I'd rather spend my day just thinking what would make my wee boy happy, not walking a tightrope, trying to appease a man's feelings. Whilst my son gets his 2nd lot of b'day pressies, with his Dad. I can be all self indulgent and get engrossed in my writing, not once have I been tempted to go all melancholic. Whatever it was that made me the strong person, I now am, I'm just glad it happened, because I like being me.

Ooooooooh how exciting, It's getting dark out :D, I best use my new bike lights, just to be on the safe side you must understand ;)

(I bottled it :( It just got too dark, I feel a rite wuss now. )

I'm trapped in 1988, at the age of 21, and I'm massively excited now, because six of us are going to a singles night. I'm such a hypocrite, after reading the first paragraph. I know this ain't got too much to do with cycling, but I just feel happy and in control, which I think does have a lot to do with cycling.

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