Thursday, 1 October 2009

Falling off my tricycle earlier this week so reminded me of a time I fell off my mobility scooter.

A driver on seeing me screeched to a halt!! 'Don't worry love!!' he yelled, and proceeded to pick me up (not an easy task), all the time I was saying 'I can do it.'

Anyway, he put his arms round my breasts! and leaned me back on his big belly, and kinda walked my legs over to the scooter (a bit like when a child stands on a grown up's feet). I ended up pretending I really couldn't walk, and did truly need his assistance, as opposed to seeing him mortally embarrassed at the truth. At least I was able to be honest on Tuesday when I fell off the tricycle.

Today has been brilliant again, I do enjoy Cycle For Health, for totally selfish reasons as well. But if it encourages others, that's a double bonus!!

The lovely Fred was there, being as positive as ever, and I know Dave took some horrible photos of me today struggling up the hill. I know he will put them on here.

Do you know, I'm scared in case I miss someone, and I offend them :) But Amanda and I did have a right laugh about the mobility scooter incident when I told her today!!

I learnt that I am now able to meet J*, to assist her and another trainer on the disability bikes. I work well with J*, so I'm glad to feel useful.

:( I was hoping to buy my bike on Tuesday, when I go to London Recumbents, but my ex says I've got to wait. I hope they can deliver it soon.

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