Wednesday, 28 October 2009

I do love folk :) .....sorry if I'm boring, but I don't think there's enough positivity in our lives, so I just try and make people feel happy.

Did you know?? (This is really tedious if you know me because I do say it a lot.) Research shows that if you talk to a positive person, it increases your mood by 9%, on the other hand if you speak with a negative person, it lowers your mood by 7%, I like folk to feel happy about talking to me so so I do try to be positive. I've just blown away my trade secret now!!!

This afternoon was spent catching up with paper work with Miriam who takes care of my health champions work and expenses, which in turn enables me to do Cycle For Health. Which I love doing.

Ooooh my contact cards came today, what am I like? It's not as egotistical as it sounds. I'm just being very practical, because my memory is crap, so it just makes my life easier. And in fact I cycled to the shops, I deliberately went when it was dark so I could use my new lights :)

Anyway, I was locking Gretel up, and this teenage manboy approached with two others, and held out his hand. A long conversation followed, and I am so chuffed that I had my contact cards. I hope he gets in touch, I think we might be able to help his Gran :)

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