Tuesday, 13 October 2009

9.00 am Children off to school, with their 'blue' and 'red' things for the harvest festival. Why school has to make things difficult????? I mean I'm sure if I was hungry, I wouldn't care what colour, the food was wrapped in.

10.00 Tesco on the bus.

12.00 To my dear Mum's, I feel I've neglected her, because I was in London last Tuesday, and she really missed my visit. It was nice to see her face light up when I walked in.

14.45 Gretel is poorly again, well was. The disc brakes appear to be on on the rack. She's so difficult to ride, plus she squeaks constantly. I had wanted to cry. I alerted the school that I was stuck at home. I felt helpless, I had forgotten that feeling. In steps Richard my star cleaner :) ......It's fixed now, in time for me to take F* to Beavers later.

18.15 I love Gretel again, in other words I love my freedom. Hopefully I will be able to buy my own bike for Low Edges, you see there's no stopping me, once I find a mission!

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