Friday, 2 October 2009

I must have over done the uphills yesterday, because my calf is agony. So I have given myself the day off today, but it's just typical: school phoned asking me to go and fetch my boy because his sister had gone without him. And I couldn't bear the thought of hurrying up to school, so I said I'd take responsibility for him making his own way home. (Well, he is nearly 7, and he goes on his own sometimes.) But those feelings of being incapacitated, and totally helpless. For a fleeting moment, I wished I'd still got my mobility scooter.

Met my new welfare worker today, and gotta say, he was fantastic! Such a positive person, who did 'Wheels For All' in June, with Nick. So it's nice to have someone who recognises what I'm blithering on about!

I'm doing a list of all the things that my new bike must be able to do, because I know I'll be excited and may forget.

Oh and I learnt yesterday, that the next Cycle For Health course will be held at Greenhill Park, which isn't too far. So I may be able to cycle, but the hill is about 1:5. So maybe not.

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