Wednesday, 14 October 2009

9.00 Got 3 messages of support in the night and this morning from the CTC, about My Article, and about the blog! Plus, I had 150 visits to my blog in a day!!! I can't believe that folk are interested, in 'lil' old me.

But it's not about me, is it? In fact that was a bit conceited, my writing is about 'life' and 'folk', and cycling. And 'There's nowt so funny as folk' as the saying goes.

Cycled a bit of the way to school with my boy, because it was 'Bike It' day. And Howard the Bike Doctor from Pedal Ready was gonna be there. And if my boy arrived early, he'd get croissants, and breakfast at school. My daughter, on the other hand, hadn't been assertive, and had let someone else be bike monitor for the school. (They don't even ride their bike to school!!)

14.00. Set off, with a energetic thrust on my pedal. I think it's because I know I've done naff all today. And I needed to wake myself. But I had a right long chat wi' a mum, at the shops. And if I'm honest it was only so I could have a rest :) She said how she admired my effort, and how much stronger I looked. I can only put that down to growing confidence.

14.45 What a cheeky woman I am. I introduced myself to Howard 'the Bike Doctor' (I must say at this point, that just because he was a Dr, bedside manner, didn't come into it). Explained who I was, and Dave you're right, I am famous, he knew all about me!!!

I asked if he had time to look at Gretel, and her disc brake as she was on loan from the big CTC. And the poor guy, must have had at least 100 bikes to look at. And he explained it was his first time at doing the repairs at Totley. Anyway, he fixed Gretel in a jiffy, and she now glides as if on ice. (I'm full of it sometimes!!)

17.30 I set off to school (for parents evening,) with my kids for the 3rd time today. (Masochism?) - I must get some lights.

I've just forced the bike issue at school, because I usually wait at the bottom now, I wasn't sure if anyone knew of Gretel. I just wanted to name drop a bit :) So thank's for that everyone.

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