Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm in such a good mood again. Strangely enough, it's because of my poorly foot, I'll explain, if I dare? The last thing I want is to hurt someone by saying this. But Andrew (physio) last night in order to take the stress from my heel, put in an air sole (I said air sole!!) Anyway I now feel like I've got one of those shoes on with the built up wedge!! (So it's taking a bit of getting used to.)

Tuesdays my Tesco bus day, it's so sad everyone, including myself, is so institutionalised, we sit in the same seats every week, know each other on first name basis. Today was 'class' - one old lady shouted, ''Ethal, how's your big pussy?" "Ooooh not so good, it's old age, she dribbles everywhere!!"

I can talk for England!!

I bumped into my school friend's Dad, who came to see me when I was in intensive care, and at my wedding. I've known the guy since I was 13 and I've bumped into him intermittently since my ex left.

I might bore everyone now, but I just think it's important to get the type of character I was, and have become again. Well, my friend was a similar personality, very sociable, extremely naughty, but never nasty. And her husband did the same as mine, he ran off with her best mate. (Leaving her with 3 children.)

Anyway getting back, this Dad was crying nearly, because he said I looked 10 years younger, and so confident. It gave him hope that things night improve for his daughter, so I left my moby number, I hope she calls.

I returned home on the Tesco bus, and as he pulled up, I struggled out of my seat carrying four bags and pulling a trolley. Anyway, I couldn't catch my trousers in time, and they fell down, exposing my ass, and knickers. I turned round and coolly said, hey it's because I've lost weight :)

I then had to dress my son up like the zombie of death, and take him to Beavers. I must get some lights, it was a bit scary. I witnessed an assault!!! (it's like Afghanistan) so I peddled as fast as I could round the corner, and called the police!

Thankfully someone's bringing my wee boy back, so I can take these wet clothes off, which I've had on since school!

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