Thursday, 15 October 2009

What a fantastic day this was to be because I was going to be able to show off my cycling success. And what happens when different personalities work together with the one aim. And how that aim can change and unselfishly become all 'inclusive'

I arrived at Hillsborough to see about 20 bikes outside the lodge. Eeeek, I took a deep breath and entered the building. I was really chuffed when Steve introduced me to the group, it was great. Everyone wanted to speak, I should have been on the stage, I reckon, because I do seem to thrive on attention. Does it make me bad? Fortunately the three guys who got me into cycling have gorgeous kind personalities, ok and looks. And it doesn't matter now I've caught the bug, but I don't think I'd have been as successful had it have been three fat ugly women. Am I revealing too much, heck!! I can't help it, it's me.

I do hope I've been able to influence lots of 'Steves' from around the country. And maybe next time they see a mobility scooter, or a wheelchair, they will thing of the possibilities?

Please post comments, or email me, hey you could even stalk, I mean follow my blog?

If I met you today, then Hello, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.xxxxxxx

(Below: With the 'Steves')


  1. I was another Steve (CTC staffer) who didn't visit you, I went to Parkwood Springs instead. I met the downhiller Steve Peat up there. Some people who came to see you said they were jealous of me meeting him, but I'm jealous of them meeting you!

  2. Hi Caroline

    Great to meet you on Thursday. Your cycling progress is a great inspiration to everyone at CTC.