Wednesday, 21 October 2009

5am Couldn't sleep, my chest is rustling. I have no auto immune system, so I'll need to phone the doctors and get some antibiotics, and try and nip it in the bud. Awwww I had such a funny day yesterday, as well.

1.30 Still waiting for any tabs to be delivered and I want to start them, so they start to kick in by tomorrow's Cycle For Health. Although my temperatures only reading at 37.5, which is fairly ok. I'm such a cool chick it's normally a steady 36.

I feel the opposite to how I felt yesterday, I've had no electricity. My friend bought me a flask round, unfortunately my pc, don't run on hot water..

And how come all these 'experts' say 'Ohh you don't wanna do that' I've just had a very opinionated welfare worker round who knew more about the legal system than solicitors who get paid £60 an hour!!

Aren't I horrid? I'll come back to this later, and hopefully I'll be a bit nicer.

I've got my tablets now, I was ne'r a believer in tablets of any kind and only take them if the effect of not taking medication is really harmful. Now you may think chest infection, bearable? But since I had my spleen removed, I just can't hack infections, I become so debilitated. And if my temperature gets high, then I have a 'seizure' which is potentially life threatening, but because I'm mindful, of this, it hasn't happened for two and a half years years. So I am happy now. And hey, I've just recalled, I bet this is why I've been panting like a fat lass!

I ain't been out on Gretel all day, I don't know if my legs are strong enough.

You see I still ramble even when I've nowt to talk about.

Looking forward to seeing folk at Cycle For Health, I've ordered my taxi.

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