Friday, 9 October 2009

Had a fairly slow day. I mean although cycling's doing wonders for my soul, it feels like it's totally knackering my body in! I hobble round permenantly, and unfortunately my right leg, which is my 'good' unaffected (by brain damage) side, is the leg that does all the work when walking and cycling and therefore is the side that's strained permanently. And it ain't easy to give it a day's rest, because I have to cycle everywhere!

Cycled to school at three, and it was great. I bumped into Jeff and Amanda from Pedal Ready doing Bikeability with some school kids. It was lovely being recognized, but bugger, I'd forgotten my helmet. I've now taken it off my strategically placed peg in the kitchen and hung it on my handle bars.

A young doctor friend called round that evening, shall we say he has a nice bedside manner!! (I'm sooo rude sometimes ;) )

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