Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hey I woke up this morning, and remembered that last night was ...:D (I can't believe I'm saying this..... ) - but it was a 'singles' night that usually I would die for. But I've become such a cycling anorak I would rather share intimate moments drooling over recumbent cycles than single men.

Which reminds me ....last night, Steve Marsden (CTC), sent me a message saying the local CTC were sending me a 'Pedaller', and I actually wondered if they were giving me a bike!! (or a gorgeous man was gonna arrive on my doorstep.) Neither, it's a magazine, full of glossy pictures for me to get excited over ;)

My leg felt a little better, so I nipped out to the shops and the library. I walked into the library and my friend said 'flippen eck, you look like a tomato' and aren't you sweating. Rather apt. Thank you for that observation.

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