Thursday, 8 October 2009

Awwww, I am happy. I mean I understand that folk are paid to be nice to me, but I do appreciate that the folk I have come into contact with do sooooo much more than money could ever pay for. I'm going all dewy eyed now.

Apparently a guy from the CTC wants to see me, it's got something to do with a letter I wrote a couple of months ago and I got rebuffed (is that a word?) But how can I bear a grudge, when they pay the man who has saved my life!! (Anyway I think the CTC may read this now :)

Got to Hillsborough about 10.15am, and it was very crowded in the lodge, but mostly with staff. It was a swarm of green plastic vests. I spotted Miriam, the usual Pedal Ready staff, and lovely Fred. Then I saw Steve with a couple of folk who'd come to see what happens. Oooooh my head was all of a spin, I was spoilt for choice, all these folk I could talk too. Then Nigel walked in, he wouldn't have a go though :( But Miriam said she was honestly contemplating riding a bike to work, and would see how she got on. Awww, Dave from Pedal Ready would have made it complete though.

I felt like Miriam and Nigel didn't really experience me being a champion, but Steve pointed out that Miriam was only considering biking it to work because of today. And there was A* who'd left details with Miriam about also becoming a health champion.

I'm becoming such an anorak it's scary!! And I had an interesting chat at the end with a guy who's really interested in working with dysfunctional teenagers, and getting them more into bikes. Now I know I don't seem a likely person to assist with this, but I have a couple of ideas, and I did used to work for the youth service. And hey, my brains only 21!!!!!!

Awwww but the end came all too soon. I really enjoyed cycling today.

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