Friday, 23 October 2009

Urrgh!!!!! I feel dreadful, I reckon I'm suffering from 'cabin fever'. I know I ain't got the full blown effects of a chest infection, because I am managing to lift my fingers to type. :) If my two mates hadn't have called this am, I might have had a very lonely day.

Awwww aren't folk really so nice, Julian Woodward a journalist from MAPA who's been asked to run a story on my inspirational cycling and how it helps folk has agreed to donate some money to my 'recumbent fund' in return for a photo donated by Pedal Ready. How devoted to enabling me to have control of my own mobility they must be. So thank you, it's exactly what I need. I just hope I'm not too dim to learn.

I missed not having the freedom, to go and see my mates at the school gates. I was just too poorly.

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