Thursday, 22 October 2009

I've got to admit Cycle for Health today was a bit of an effort. But for personal reasons, I had to try. And I'm glad in a way I did, because I made at least one person really happy, just by noticing that she'd got her teeth fixed. She was really chuffed that someone had noticed, and that made the effort of going worthwhile.

I saw Simone who works for Pedal Ready, who I used to see on a regular basis at Endcliffe Park, and in fact, hovered in case I fell off the first time I went on Gretel, as Steve covered me at the other side.

I met Louise (also from Pedal Ready ), who was really positive and friendly, and very patient as I really wasn't up to much. But I'm glad I made the effort.

Awwww, there isn't any CFH next week, due to half term.

(I'm still walking round, like I've got one leg longer than the other!!!...or a big platform shoe on one foot). I must go to Decathalon, and buy some of those wrap around neony type lights. Hey, do you think I'll crouch in a lurid fashion and rub my thighs at them? I have heard they're very attractive?

Awww, I just had to add this bit, I was watching the Simpsons wi' my little boy. On seeing Marge Simpson get on her tandem, wi' her children I said: 'Is that how you think Mum is?' He said: 'No way!!! You are so happy and cool mum, and everyone knows it.' :)

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