Monday, 5 October 2009

Wow, what a difference a day makes!! I was feeling quite negative yesterday, my legs ached and I thought is it worth it? And I thought today, after a few positive comments: Yes it is!! Because it's not so much the effect my cycling has on me, it's how many folk it has a positive effect on.

Today, I went to a meeting first thing at HIRC, and I put on a very good example of the correct way to interview a fellow survivor of brain injury. So I felt good. I rushed back in the taxi, and as per usual the taxi driver was a little over friendly. But I know they must do it with 20 women a day, and if one says yeah they've scored!

Steve (CTC) phoned about tomorrow when he's taking me and some other folk to London Recumbents. I'm unbearably excited, how does the poor guy put up with me. Nigel (Health Champions), poor guy, is only just beginning to get a glimpse of my enthusiasm. Help, I'm wearing myself out with giddyness.

I don't wheeze, I pant....well just take lots of breaths, I don't actually stick my tongue out. It doesn't sound very attractive does it

Anyway today on the way to school, I passed this little old dear who spurs me on everyday. She got all maudlin, as she remembered her cycling days. I'd love to let her have a go on Gretel but wouldn't dream of it, in case she fell and broke a fragile bone. And she confessed to being 91!!!!

School was full of the usual mums. You know my children, they just come and tell me which way they're going home, and zooooooom they're gone.

My kids need so much stuff for tomorrow, it's mad. D* doing a show in front of the class, which she told me about 30 mins ago. And F* has got Beavers, bless.

I do love my life:)

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